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Web 1 An introduction to Lertap5, with extensive resources, is here.

Web 2 Comprehensive user help references are at the Lelp website.

Web 3 Sample datasets for downloading are reached via this link.

Web 4 Some practical tips and tricks are exemplified in this study.

Web 5 The e-store for stocking up on copies of Lertap5: go for it.


Links to particularly popular web pages and PDF documents are tabled below:

1)      How to get Lertap5

2)      How it works

3)      Getting started

4)      Selected features overview

5)      The manual (plus)

6)      Erudite epistles

7)      Recent developments

8)      Updates summary

9)      IRT in Lertap5

10)  Lertap5 and Iteman4

11)  Using Lertap5s quintile plots

12)  Results by groups, DIF

13)  How to upgrade the Mini version

14)  Activating a license

15)  Item analysis software for classes



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