Back a few topics I added a column to the Data worksheet which counted the number of 9s per student.  This is the number of unanswered questions for each student.  Now I'm going to have a much more detailed look at the 9s.


These are the questions I'd like to answer:


1.How many students have lots of 9s?  As there are 24 items, at the start I'll say that "lots of 9s" will mean any student with at least twelve 9s, half the number of items.

2.Is there any apparent pattern to the 9s?  If students find the item to be difficult, many times the 9s will come towards the end -- the students run out of time and are unable to take a stab at all questions.

3.Are there more 9s in the lower grade level, Standard 4?

4.How are the 9s affecting test reliability?


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