We might do well to highlight some of the things that happened when you took the "Cook's tour" covered in the previous topic.  And, as you'll read below, we've made some changes to Lertap which result in the tour producing more reports.


The Cook's tour is based on the Lertap Quiz data set.  This data set is fully described in Appendix A of the manual.  Briefly, the Quiz consists of a "test" given to 60 people who had the good fortune to participate in one of the very first Lertap workshops, held in Dunedin, New Zealand, just a few years ago (well, it was actually 1973, more than 40 years ago).


At the end of the workshop, each participant was asked to answer 25 multiple-choice questions and 10 Likert-style affective questions.


The multiple-choice questions were meant to indicate how well the participants had mastered the content of the workshop -- the 25 questions were a test of their knowledge of the functioning of Lertap.


The 10 Likert questions, scored on a 5-point strongly-agree to strongly-disagree scale, asked the participants how they felt about Lertap -- did they judge it to be the dynamite test and survey analysis system we know it to be?


Each participant was also asked to respond to two open-ended questions.  One of these asked them to state how long they had been using computers, while the other requested information on how long they had been using tests in their research or teaching.


The Lertap Quiz data set is included in the Lertap5.xlsm file.  When you start Lertap, you'll see tabs at the bottom of Excel's screen, one for each of the worksheets contained in the Lertap5 workbook (refer to the previous topic for a picture).  If you look at the Data worksheet, you'll see the actual question responses given by the 60 participants in the 1973 workshop.


When you took the tour, your first action was to get Lertap to make a new data set for you to fool around with.  This you did by going to the New menu, clicking on the option which directed Lertap to make a new workbook by creating a "copy of the present one".


The "present one", in this case, referred to the data set which comes with the Lertap5.xlsm file, that is, to the Lertap Quiz.  At the end of this step you had a new workbook which contained copies of the Data and CCs worksheets corresponding to the Lertap Quiz.  All subsequent actions in the Cook's tour involved the use of these copied worksheets.