There are a few problems which can arise when asking Lertap to ask Excel to make charts.


Probably the most common of these has to do with Excel running out of chart and font resources as it goes about making its plots.  For comments on this problem, please refer to the topics immediately preceding this one.


At times Excel seems to gather too much speed when making charts, and will forget to apply some of the formatting which Lertap has built in.  For example, the name of the item is always supposed to be in bold face, such as Item1, but Excel can, at times forget this (perhaps on days when it's feeling meek, not bold?).


Particularly annoying is the sometimes-noted tendency of Excel to scrunch the plots, to make them squatter than they're meant to be.  If you suspect your plots are a bit on the flat side, or the fat side, or the squat side, then do this: make them again, and see if that doesn't fix things.


Keep in mind that you can get into Lertap's charts, and change them to your little heart's content: make new colours, put the legend at the bottom rather than the side, add or changes titles -- a good way to pass a rainy day, or to avoid doing something more urgent but less fun.


Be sure to write to us if you'd like to talk about charts. is us.