Cognitive item (definition).

A cognitive test item is one which has a correct answer, and is usually scored on a right / wrong basis.


Cognitive items may use any response codes; a response code set of {A,B,C,D} is the default -- to specify other responses, an Res=() declaration is used on the *sub line in the CCs worksheet.


The right answer to a cognitive item is usually scored as one point.  To award more points, *wts or *mws lines are used in the CCs worksheet.


Unanswered cognitive items, often said to constitute "missing data" in this document, will be scored as zero points.  To assign points to unanswered cognitive items, use a *mws line with an other= assignment at the end.


Cognitive items do not have to be scored on a simple right / wrong basis.  To give points to more than one answer, use a *mws line in the CCs worksheet.


In some testing situations, cognitive items are "pre-scored".  Please refer to the pre-scored items topic for further comments.