There are three primary places to visit for those interested in browsing some samples of Lertap in action.


The first "place" is right here, in the very document you're looking at now. Simply page ahead and you'll see.


The second place repeats some of the samples found here, but adds more, presenting a greater variety of samples, largely based on "real-life" applications of Lertap collected over the years. It offers the chance to download actual Excel workbooks set up to work with Lertap 5, and suggests practical "exercises" to provide more extensive insights into how Lertap may be applied. Where is this "second place"? Here.


The third spot is a website which displays Lertap 5 in action, processing data from a 2012 national assessment of science achievement among primary-school children.


But wait, mention should also be made of yet a fourth place: the manual. Its Chapters 7 and 8 also have real-life examples; they may be a bit easier to follow for some readers as they're more introductory in flavour.