There are other Lertap resources.


There's the Lertap manual, which this document has made frequent reference to.


There's the main Lertap website at Fremantle Village:


The Lertap website has screeds of additional information, including sample data sets useful in measurement classes, or by people just launching their Lertap careers.  The website also has a modest series of technical papers highlighting examples of Lertap applications, and discussing current developments (such as the experimental options in Lertap).


A history of Lertap is provided in the manual, and on the website.  Lertap's pedigree goes back to the early 1970s.  (You may not realize it, but you could have used Lertap in the past when it was masquerading under another title.)


And then there's always our support desk in sunny West Australia.  We welcome questions and comments.  Write to us at: