SortAtoZ57 This icon is used in conjunction with the Scores worksheet.  It permits the information in the Scores sheet to be sorted according to criteria entered by you, the user.


When a sort is requested, Lertap makes a copy of the Scores worksheet, and adds it to the workbook as a new worksheet called Sorted.  Then Excel's standard sort criteria box appears, and the stage is set -- sorts are made using this new worksheet.


After a sort has been made, may another sort be requested?  Yes.  There are a couple of ways to make an additional sort.  First, the Sorted worksheet could be further sorted by going directly to Excel.  It has a SortAtoZ icon, found on Excel 2007's Home tab.  You might want to use Excel Help if you're unsure about using Excel sort.


Another way to sort a second time is to delete the Sorted worksheet, and then use Lertap's SortAtoZ57 icon again.  Or, instead of deleting the Sorted worksheet, it could be renamed, after which Lertap's SortAtoZ57 icon will be happy to once more do its job.


At all times care should be taken to see that the Scores worksheet itself is never sorted.  Lertap needs to believe that there's a one-to-one correspondence between the records in the Data worksheet, and the records in the Scores worksheet.  This will not be the case if the Scores worksheet is sorted, and it's precisely because of this restriction that Lertap makes the Sorted worksheet for users to work their sorts on.