What to do to remove Lertap 5 from your computer, that is, how is Lertap 5 uninstalled?


If the "zip folder" was used to set up Lertap 5 (as mentioned in this topic), then uninstalling Lertap is a no-brainer: just delete the folder in which Lertap was unzipped, or "extracted".


On the other hand, if one of the installer programs has been used, then begin by opening this document.


Then: don't panic!  True: the document is called "Using the Lertap 5 Installer".  But this is the document you want, to be sure, to be sure.


Scroll to the bottom of the document.  Find the "What may go wrong" section; it looks like this:


You'll see that there are two ways to uninstall Lertap 5.  Just choose one of them, and that should be it.


Need help?  Send an email to: support@lertap.com.