The Mente2010.xlsx workbook may be downloaded by clicking here.


There would be several activities which could be pursued with this dataset.


What was the correlation between the "change" score, and the "tenacity" score? Did people in the pilot sample (n=94) with high "tenacity" scores also have high "change" scores?


Are there some items in the "change" scale with particularly high correlations with the "tenacity" score? (This could be answered by using the tenacity score as an external criterion for the "change scale". There are two examples in this document which would serve as examples: LenguaBIg and The Cook's Tour.)


How about exporting the item scores from the tenacity scale's IStats matrix to a factor analysis program? How many items could you knock out and still keep the scale's reliability figure up around the 0.80 level? (You might use SPSS for this. To see how, click here.)