If you use the "Blank" option on Lertap's New menu to make a fresh workbook, it will try to set the Data worksheet's font to Verdana, and the CCs sheet's font to Courier New. It does this as these two fonts seem to work well with both Windows and Macintosh computers. As Lertap runs, it will try to use the Verdana font for almost all of its many reports (which are of course Excel worksheets).


(Using a fixed-pitch font in the CCs worksheet, such as Courier New, has the advantage of getting things to line up. CCs sheets which use, for example, *key, *alt, *wts, and *pol lines will often be easier to check for errors when a fixed-pitch font is used. But this is no big deal. In practical terms, it doesn't matter a hoot what font is used in the CCs worksheet.)


The "Headers" and "Copy" options on the New menu will create workbooks having Data and CCs worksheets with inherited fonts. Whatever fonts were in the original workbook's Data and CCs worksheets will carry over to the new workbook.


As mentioned in the previous topic, you don't have to use Lertap's New menu to set up a new workbook. You can do it with Excel, using the New option on the  File  tab. If Excel is used to create a new workbook, its sheets will use the "body" font (probably Calibri), or whatever has been set as the default font to be used "When creating new workbooks", a setting found by working through the  File  tab to get to Options, then to General, then to the "Use this font:" setting.


The matter of fonts is important as using some fonts, such as Times New Roman, will result in Lertap reports which may be rather poorly formatted.