This dataset stems from work undertaken decades ago in an Asian country, well before electronic calculators became commonplace.


It has been included in these sample datasets largely because the original test items are available for study. While this is also true of the FIMS dataset, in this case all items are straightforward multiple-choice cognitive questions, each with four options. In such cases Lertap5's CCs lines are particularly simple to create and (hopefully) understand.


An additional feature is the inclusion of a categorical variable, "Zone", leading to the possible use of Lertap5's group differences options. It may be seen that students in one or two of the four country zones appeared to be weak.


A presentation/discussion of Test13 items and an analysis of results, suggested as perhaps a useful reference for use with test and measurement classes is here.


The next page has links to a variety of downloadable files. The links lead to Excel workbooks with student responses, and to data sets and reports involving both CTT (classical test theory, Lertap5's forte) and IRT (item response theory).


Note: the country the test was originally used in has here been disguised as Australia.