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- Software -
Note: Lertap 5 is an Excel "app". It requires a version of Microsoft Excel in order to run.

Copies of Lertap 5 for use with Windows and Macintosh computers may be downloaded from this website.

Copies of Lertap 5 for use by instructors with test and measurement classes may also be requested by sending a message to


Related information about getting Lertap 5 is available at this topic.


- Documentation -

The original manual, and individual chapters from it, may be downloaded from the links found at this topic.

Resources for downloading in test and measurement classes are referenced here.


Numerous special-interest technical topics with down-loadable datasets are covered in the "erudite epistles" topic.


- Samples -

A set of sample Excel workbooks set up for use by Lertap 5 and other data analysis programs may be downloaded from this website.

Practical examples with smaller sample sizes and companion work sheets are available here.