An "update" refers to replacing or reinstalling Lertap5 on your computer, and/or to transferring a licensed version.


The cost of an update is $39 (U.S. Dollars)


Before purchasing this option, write to to advise us that you want to update Lertap5. We'll need to know who you are, that is, your name and when you purchased Lertap5. We will then search our database and write back. When we do we'll say one of two things: either (1) we can't find you, or (2) we have found you and you'll be okay to go ahead with the update.


After PayPal has informed us that payment has been accepted, we will then send instructions and download links. It can take a day or two or three to do this (what with e-mails going back and forth), so plan to do this when you're not in urgent need to process test or survey results.