Users with Excel 2010, Excel 2013, or the Windows version of Excel 2016, may use this option to upgrade a single copy of Lertap 5 to the latest version.


(Please note: the $24 rate has also come to apply to users in other circumstances; it's no longer strictly applied only to those seeking an update -- it also applies, for example, to users who are transferring their license to another computer.)


Before purchasing this option, write to to advise us that you want to update and would like to take us up on the "$24 smack-O's option". We'll need to know who you are, that is, your name and when you purchased Lertap 5. We will then search our database and write back. When we do we'll say one of two things: either (1) we can't find you, or (2) we have found you and you'll be okay to go ahead with the purchase.


After PayPal has informed us that you've fronted up with the $24 (U.S. dollars), we will then send instructions and download links. It can take a day or two or three to update your Lertap (what with e-mails going back and forth), so plan to do this when you're not in urgent need to process test or survey results.



Please note that this option, "Buy Now", is only available for credit-card users, and it only applies to updating a single copy of Lertap 5.


Instead of using "Buy Now", you may also obtain an update by sending a purchase order, or requesting a pro-forma invoice. In these cases the cost will be $128 per unit.


Note: read more about this option, and why it might be worth 24 smack-Os, at this topic.