Lertap.com is a business registered in Australia (ABN/ACN: 23 762 467 195), with headquarters at Fremantle Village, Western Australia. It has taken over from "Antipodes Software Systems", a business originally registered in New Zealand in the year 1981. Lertap.com distributes current Excel versions of Lertap via Lertap5.com.


Larry Nelson and Angela Nelson carry out most of our functions.


Larry Richard Nelson is originally from the United States. He gained an BSc in Electrical Engineering from the University of Wisconsin in 1964, and an MSc in Educational Psychology from the same university, Wisconsin, in 1970. Awarded a National Science Foundation Fellowship in 1970, he then completed a doctorate in Educational Psychology / Psychometrics at the Laboratory of Educational Research, University of Colorado, in 1973. His major professors were Kenneth D Hopkins and Gene V Glass.


Some references to his technical work can be found in this bibliography.  Software code modules developed by Larry have been used/purchased by NAEP, IEA, National Computer Systems, the Venezuelan Ministry of Education, the Education Department of Central Java, Assessment Systems Corporation, DEET Australia, Professional Testing Incorporated, and Curtin University.


Lertap has been Larry's largest and most enduring software development project. A history of Lertap may be seen at this link.  Versions of Lertap have been used by many, including purchasers of the FORTRAN version back before the advent of personal computers -- since then, Lertap5, the Excel-based version, has been used/purchased by students, academics, researchers, and major testing / certification centers around the world.


Larry has lived and worked in the United States, Venezuela, New Zealand, and Australia. Extensive teaching, consulting, and advising assignments have had him also spending years in Indonesia and Thailand.


Contact Larry at lertap5@gmail.com or l.nelson@curtin.edu.au


Angie Nelson, aka Daw Khin Khin Than, is originally from Burma (Myanmar). She was awarded a B.A. from Curtin University of Technology in 1989, and a CELTA (Cambridge) English Language teaching qualification in 2008. She's our office manager and workshop organizer. Her English as a second language (ESL) teaching has seen her working for Curtin University in Perth (Western Australia), Coffs Harbour Community College (New South Wales), and Burapha University in Thailand.  Angie has held senior administrative offices at Curtin University in the past.


Contact Angie at lertap5@gmail.com


Both of these Nelsons are now semi-retired, working often from their home office, venturing forth to teach and present workshops a few times each year. Larry holds adjunct staff positions at two spots: Curtin University in Western Australia, and Burapha University in Thailand. Angie is an adjunct part-time administrative officer at Burapha University in Thailand; she also frequently teaches English at Burapha.


Here they are, suited and booted for a Bangkok conference in 2008: