There are several things which may cause a licensed version of Lertap 5 to revert to Mini mode, the mode wherein Lertap will process no more than 50 data records.


By far the most frequent cause is a Lertap error, or an Excel error. Many times Excel or Lertap will produce a message to say that there's been an error; when this happens there may or may not be a relatively easy-to-understand message.


On rare occasions, Lertap may simply freeze.


Solution: close Lertap and then open it again. If that doesn't solve the problem, close Lertap, close all open Excel workbooks, close Excel itself, and then start again.


If there is still a problem, write to to request assistance. Include as much information as you can about the error. In some cases we may ask you to send in a copy of your CCs lines, or perhaps a copy of the complete workbook.


Moving Lertap to another computer will also cause Lertap to change back to Mini mode.


Support costs: many times support assistance will not take much of our time, and will not be billed; in these cases what we often do is send back reference help pages -- most of these will direct users to "Lelp", the Lertap help system. When more assistance is required, we may bill at the assistance rates seen on this page. Moving Lertap to another computer should be done by following the transfer license instructions, and is likely to be billed at either the special update rate or the 30 minutes assistance rate.