The price of a single Lertap 5 perpetual license for a commercial user, or site, is $268.


Two perpetual licenses $361; three perpetual $444. (Please write to for custom quotes.)


To purchase licenses online please see the next page.


Note that this product is only available as an "internet download", electronically delivered.


Also, please note that a fee applies when/if users want to transfer their license to another computer.  Refer to this topic for instructions on how to go about a transfer.  As of June 2017 the fee was $24.



Purchase orders may also be sent by international post to us at this address: (attn: Angela Nelson)

25 Cockburn Rd

South Fremantle, WA



After we have your purchase order, we will issue an invoice by email with payment instructions. In this case, there will be no need to use the pay options seen on the next page.