In our store, "government" is a broad term referring to non-profit organizations and people who work within them; this might include a teacher, a school, a department within a university, a not-for-profit research organization, or possibly a state department or ministry of education.


The price of a single license for a "government" user or site is $78.


If you're unsure as to whether or not your outfit is what we call "government", or if it's what we refer to as "Commercial", please send us a note with a link to your website and we'll check you out.


We welcome purchases by credit cards, PayPal, or purchase orders.


(Note: the $78 price only applies to those using PayPal and/or credit cards to make their purchase. Otherwise the per-license cost is $128; this will apply when a purchase is made via a purchase order, and/or via a pro-forma invoice.)


Credit-card and PayPal users: please jump to the following page.


• Purchase orders may be sent as an email attachment to our sales address, or by post addressed to: (attn: Daw Angela Nelson)

25 Cockburn Rd

South Fremantle, WA



Note that this product is only available as an "internet download", electronically delivered.


If sending a purchase order, we will issue an invoice by email with payment instructions. Please note that the per-license cost in this case will be $128.



Licenses purchased for government users are perpetual, they do not expire. However, transferring licenses to another computer, and / or upgrading to a more recent version of Lertap, will involve a service charge of $24 (add $15 if not paying by PayPal).


Prices for volume purchases and site licenses may be obtained by writing to