This topic is only of use to those who have previously purchased a license for Lertap 5.


If you have an interest in purchasing another license, or licenses, please write to to see if you might qualify for a discount. We will want to know when you last purchased a license, so be sure to include that information -- give us as much data as possible to help us find you in our user database.


If you purchased a license in the past but no longer have Lertap 5 running on any computer, please write to to re-activate the license. Mention when you purchased the license, and where (could be Assessment Systems Corporation, Professional Testing Inc.,, or Antipodes Software Systems). Also provide the corresponding invoice number, and/or the name under which the license was purchased, as well as the email address of the purchaser. Re-activating the license via PayPal or a credit card will be billed at the 30-minute assistance rate; if a purchase order is used, or a pro-forma invoice is requested, the cost is $128.


If Lertap 5 has for some unknown reason gone back to "Mini" mode, please click here.


If you want to transfer your license from one computer to another, please click here.