A perpetual license for Lertap5 costs $78 (U.S. dollars).


This applies to all users: students, non-profit organizations, and even commercial outfits.


Licenses apply to a single computer and are perpetual; they do not expire.


We use PayPal as a means of processing payments for licenses. You will be able to pay by using a credit card, or, if you have one, by using your PayPal account.


The Buy Now button below will take you out to PayPal, a secure site for sure, so that you can enter your payment details.


Read the "Thank you for purchasing" message in advance if you'd like to -- it sets out what happens after a purchase.



PayPal will let us know when your payment has been accepted. This usually happens within two or three days of a purchase.


This PDF document has the steps to follow in order to "activate" (unlock) Lertap after a license purchase. It's very much the same as the "thank you for purchasing" message mentioned just above.


Please note that we're based in Western Australia, in the same time zone as Hong Kong -- there may be quite a time difference between your place and ours, resulting in a slight time delay in any correspondence (when it's noon in New York it's midnight here).


Lertap5 is periodically updated - a summary of updates may be viewed here - note that the majority of updates have to do with cosmetic alterations to Lertap5's screens and related documentation. Write to lertap5@gmail.com for more information.


A license transfer to a new computer may be requested following steps mentioned here.