Note(1): from 1 April 2017 student licenses became a freebie ($0).

Note(2): a license is only required when it's desired to process more than 100 data records.


Students are asked to send an email to with the following information, and to attach a picture of their current ID card (the card should be dated so that we can confirm current enrollment -- if the card does not have a date, students are requested to provide something to confirm their current enrollment):


Information to provide


Type of license wanted



Ms Than, Chuling

Subject area

Tests and measurement


College of Research Methodology and Cognitive Science

Name of school, college, university

Burapha University

Web address of school

City, state (or province), country

Bangsaen, Chonburi, Thailand

Email address at your school, college, university

Preferred email address (if different to above)

Phone where we can reach you (if required)


Remember to attach a copy of your student ID to your message

Ok, will do for sure!


Send this information to us at and we'll write to confirm that we've checked you out, and, if all is okay, we'll send back information on how to convert the Mini version to a fully-licensed version, good for six months at no cost. Please remember to attach a picture of your current school, college, or university ID card.


Be advised that it may take a few days for us to respond if a class has just started and we've received multiple requests.


Note that this product is only available as an "internet download", electronically delivered. And note, please: you should have downloaded and installed the Mini version before sending your student information to us. If you have not done this, please go back to the Welcome page and read the "New users please read this section:".