Teacher licenses

The price of a Lertap 5 license for an instructor / teacher / professor at a high school, college, or university is $54.


This price includes the option to install Lertap 5 on an additional personal computer at no extra cost.  This is a special price category available to active teachers only -- it is only available to active teachers, those presently involved in teaching a class, workshop, or course, and is not to be used for administrative purposes.  (Administrators in a non-profit school or university will purchase Lertap at the "Government" price.)


Note that Lertap 5 comes ready to process test/survey results for up to 100 students/people. A license removes this restriction, allowing thousands of results to be processed.


Teachers who wish to obtain a license are asked to send an email to sales@lertap.com with the following information: name, title, school or university, department, class or classes currently taught, email address at your school or university, school or university website, and mention of how Lertap will be put to use.


Example: Larry R Nelson (PhD), Assoc. Professor (adjunct), Curtin University, School of Education, email l.nelson@curtin.edu.au, teaching introduction to tests and measurement, enrollment of 180 students this semester, need to process mid-term and end-of-term exams. This website is used as a gateway in my classes.


Send this information to us at sales@lertap.com and we'll write to confirm that we've checked you out, and given you the all-clear to purchase a Lertap 5 license at the teacher price.


Once you've received confirmation from us, you may then do one of two things: proceed to the next page to buy a license, or send us a purchase order.


If sending a purchase order: it may be sent to our sales desk, or addressed and posted to us at:


Lertap.com (attn: Angela Nelson)

25 Cockburn Rd

South Fremantle, WA



Note that this product is only available as an "internet download", electronically delivered.


Once we have your purchase order, we will issue an invoice by email with payment instructions. In this case, there will be no need to use the pay options seen on the next page. Please note: the price is $128 when purchase orders are used to buy Lertap 5.



Licenses purchased by teachers are perpetual, they do not expire. However, transferring the license to another computer, and / or upgrading to a more recent version of Lertap, will involve an additional charge of $24. Note that upgrading a computer's version of Excel is something which may require a Lertap update too -- if so, the $24 fee will apply. (The $24 price only applies for orders placed using PayPal or a credit card. Please refer to this page.)


Note: instructors who want their students to have access to Lertap 5 for a limited period of time (such as 4 weeks) should send a request to support@lertap.com to get the ball rolling (we'll write back with a few questions). The purchase of one 30-minute block of assistance may be requested in some cases, and it should be the case that the instructor / teacher has previously purchased a license.