We use PayPal as a means of processing payments for Lertap 5 licenses. You will be able to pay by using a credit card, or, if you have one, by using your PayPal account.


Note: don't pay anything until you've installed Lertap on your computer and made sure it'll work.  If you haven't done this, you may have skipped our welcome page.  Please go back and read it.


The Buy Now button below will take you out to PayPal so that you can enter your payment details.


Note: before using the button, make sure that we have sent an email message to you confirming that you have approval to buy a Lertap 5 license at the teacher price! If you don't do this, you won't receive the special activation code (called an "unlock code") from us, and without this code Lertap 5 will process only 50 data records.



PayPal will let us know when your payment has been accepted. If you have obtained our approval to purchase Lertap 5 at the teacher price, we will then send you a PDF document which has the steps you'll need to follow in order to "activate" (unlock) Lertap on your computer.


Note how important it is to get approval before making your payment. Making a payment does not mean that we will send you the unlock code. You must have first obtained our confirmation that you're okay to purchase at the teacher price.


After you have unlocked Lertap 5 on one computer, you may then unlock it on another at no cost by following the instructions on the next page.