Download the La Florida workbook

Get yourself rigged up with a copy of the La Florida dataset here. Note that you'll get a zip file in this case. The workbook found within the zip file is called "LaFloridaMastery50w1.xlsx".


As to a nifty activity to pursue, here's just one: why not see what would happen with the following CCs lines?




Now we'll have three subtests, the last being all 50 items combined. Does it make sense to add the Math and Fisica items together? Will the reliability of this combined test be higher than than found for the first two subtests? What about Prop. consistent placings for the combined test?


Why do the *sub lines now have wt=0 at the end? We'll answer that one: when there is more than one subtest, Lertap will automatically make a total test score by adding together all the subtest scores, making a global composite score. The wt=0 assignments control the weight each subtest score is given when it comes into this composite. If each subtest has wt=0, no total score will be made. In this case that's entirely appropriate as the third subtest is, in fact, the total.