The CEQ11.xls Excel workbook may be downloaded here.


A data processing / Lertap exercise based on the CEQ questionnaire may be downloaded here. This exercise is a doc file which contains questionnaire answer sheets, one per principal, and some (optional) instructions for processing the responses with Lertap. The purpose of the exercise is to provide a practical data entry and data analysis experience, using Excel.


(If you do the exercise, here's a tip that will save you time when you have to enter the item responses: use The Spreader.)


Lertap is not required to process survey results of the type seen in this example. Some researchers might use SPSS instead; its "Reliability Analysis" routine will produce results similar to those made by Lertap. However, reverse scoring survey questions in SPSS is not (in our opinion) straightforward; there is no equivalent to Lertap's *pol card. Of course, many readers will realise that SPSS does much more than reliability analysis—it's an extremely versatile, powerful data analysis system.


Most general-purpose data analysis systems, such as SPSS, make it fairly easy to exchange data with Excel. Consequently, entering survey results into Excel by no means closes the door to subsequently using SPSS, or SAS, or something similar.


The survey exemplified in this example was, we think, first used by "MECC", the Minnesota Educational Computing Consortium. As far as we know, these items may be used without copyright violations. (MECC was purchased by The Learning Company in the 1980s.)