Elmillon item analysis

Elmillon? What is it? Ah-ha, caught you sleeping! Were you the diligent, conscientious reader we assumed you were, there would be no need to ask this question. The answer is given in an earlier topic.


Click on Elmillon


After you clicked on Elmillon, did you notice Lertap flashing a variety of messages to you? Trained Lertap users have a keen eye for Excel’s Status Bar, which is where the system often talks to you. The Status Bar is at the very bottom of the Excel window, where the word “Ready” is frequently seen. When you give Lertap a task to do, it will keep you advised on its progress by displaying little love notes in the Status Bar.


Back to business. After you clicked on “Elmillon”, what happened?


Lertap went off to have a read of all the data it stored in those secret (hidden) Sub worksheets which were by-products of the “Interpret” stage. Then it read through the Data worksheet two or three times, writing a scores worksheet, four summary results worksheets for the cognitive test, and two results sheets for each of the affective tests. Sheet it in, Lertap.


These new sheets should have their tabs showing at the bottom of the Excel window, as seen here:


See the tabs named Scores, Stats1f, Stats1b, csem1, and Stats1ul? At this point the workbook has twelve visible (unhidden) worksheets, but only five tabs fit into the little viewing area at the bottom of the screen. You can see the other tabs by using the little scroll arrows circled in red, lower left of of the picture, above where the Status Bar says "Ready".


And now congratulations are in order: you’ve done it—set up a new Lertap workbook, obtained a Freqs listing, examined it closely for weirdness, and then gone on to have your new best friend, Elmillon, analyse your data and “print” results to a series of new worksheets. Well done. Your Lertap career looks promising.


Next: take a break. When you return we’ll have a squiz at what Elmillon has done. Perhaps you should take a long break—there will be quite a bit to look at, and you’ll want to be wearing your freshest eyes. When refreshed, proceed.