This dataset involves a 14-item mathematics test given as part of the First International Mathematics Study, "FIMS".


The items included in the dataset are a subset of the questions found on the original FIMS test.  They are available as a docx file here.  This study's items are similar to those found in an international numeracy study in that they use a mixture of item types, supply and multiple choice.


Responses from over 6,000 students are provided -- about two-thirds of them were from Australia with the rest coming from students in Japan.  The top rows of the Data sheet are shown below; some of the columns have been hidden so that it is more obvious that two nominal variables were involved: Gender and Country.




The top lines in the corresponding CCs sheet are pictured below:




The lines in this CCs sheet are very similar to those used in the numeracy study mentioned above.


The "Interpret" and "Elmillon" options are used to get Lertap 5 to create its numerous reports.


Page ahead to see some of the output created by Lertap 5 and Excel.