About this document

This document, "Lelp", was made using Help&Manual 6, a hypertext authoring system from EC Software.


Note that this version of Lelp applies to the Excel 2007, 2010, 2013, 2016, 2019 versions of Lertap5 for Windows (versions 10.9 and up). It's also appropriate for Macintosh users who have Excel 2016, 2019.


H&M lets us compile Lelp in one of several formats, and we've done so.  To date there are PDF and chm compilations.  "chm" help files are now found in most Windows applications; they're easy to use.  PDF files are now a world standard, usable on all sorts of computers; this is nice, but PDF files cannot display what are called "popup" topics.  This document contains quite a number of popups -- they flash up quickly in the chm version, but don't show at all under PDF.  If you're looking at the PDF version, you'll sometimes see spots which say something like "click here", or "note", but there's nothing clickable -- alas, you've come upon a popup that won't pop.


Links to all versions of Lelp are found back on the Welcome page, see the first link in the green box towards the bottom of that page.


Since all forms of this document are produced from the same source, they're identical. The chm, PDF, and website versions have exactly the same content. However, as noted, the PDF version cannot display popup topics.


Screen shots in manuals have a habit of dating quickly; the shots you see in this document will not have a 100% correspondence with the screens seen in the most recent version of the Lertap 5 system.  This is particularly true since Microsoft released Excel 2007 for Windows, the first version to work with the so-called "Ribbon" of tabs and icons.


This version of Lelp, the one you're looking  at right now, was made by modifying and enhancing the previous version, Lelp for Excel 2003 (Windows) and Lelp for Excel 2004 (Macintosh). Some of the screen snapshots found in this version of Lelp display information in the format found in former versions of Excel, versions which had "toolbars" with controls and icons instead of "ribbons".