To review, the advanced toolbar has two more icons than the normal toolbar.  They appear immediately to the right of the Run menu, as seen here:




The magnifying glass unhides or hides the Sub worksheets.  It's called a "toggle"; it's an on-off switch.


The Liberty Bell calls in Elmillon, the item analysis program.  To use it you must have a Sub sheet open.


Say, for example, that you've been changing weights in a Sub worksheet called Sub3.  You're a good scout -- you've gone to Excel's File menu, and saved Sub3 after making the changes.  Now you click on the Liberty Bell.  In comes Elmillon; out come your results: a new column is added to the Scores worksheet, and then those lovely Stats reports are created, Stats3f, Stats3b, and, if Sub3 corresponds to a cognitive test, probably Stats3ul too.  (If these Stats3 reports existed before, they will be overwritten.)


You bewdy.


You look at the results.  Hmmm ... maybe give more points to option D on item 21.  You return to Sub3, scroll down to item 21, and increase the number of points corresponding to option D.  You save the worksheet.  You tickle the Liberty Bell.  Another column is added to the Scores worksheet -- you can compare the new scores with the last ones.  And once again you get all the Stats3 reports.


Another way to go about this: make a copy of Sub3.  Call the copy (say) Sub3B.  Make the changes in Sub3B.  Maybe even change the Subtest Title at the top so the new score will have a new moniker.


Then, with the Sub3B sheet in focus, ring the Liberty Bell.  You'll Scores again (onya!), and now you'll have Stats3Bf, Stats3Bb, and Stats3Bul (?) reports to look at.  (The Stats3f, 3b, and 3ul reports from the last run will remain unchanged.)


You bewdy Newk!