When Lertap5 is installed on a Windows computer, using one of the installer programs, a new folder with Lertap5 files will generally be set up within a user's Documents folder, as seen in the example below. (It is possible to set up Lertap5 without using an installer program; see the "How to get Lertap" topic for a link to a zip folder with relevant "how to run" instructions.)




Here the user elected to install to a folder named "Lertap 5.10.4" within his/her Documents folder. (The default name of "Lertap 5.10" was overridden when this user installed his/her copy of the Lertap 5 system.)


There will be several files in the Lertap folder, as exemplified in the following screen snapshot.




A click-click (that is, a double click) on the Lertap5.xlsm file will get Lertap running. Excel will be called into action, and will start to open the Lertap5.xlsm workbook. As it does so, two other files will also load: Lertap5MacrosSetA.xlam, and LertapRibbon.xlam (if one or both of these files are missing Lertap will not run correctly).




Do you need to take notes at this point in case you forget where the Lertap5.xlsm file is found on your computer?


No. Absolutely not. For users with Windows 7, the installer package will add a Lertap folder to the Start button's pop up menu, as may be seen here:




Open the folder and there will be an option to "Run Lertap" or "Run Lertap (with Excel)".


For users with Windows 10 the Start "button" is in the same spot, but it has no label -- now it's the Windows 10 icon. A click on it should pop up a list of installed apps, or, at least, an option to display all apps. One of folders displayed will be Lertap's; below the folder is labeled "Lertap" but this will change depending on the version of Lertap which has been installed.




A click on the Lertap folder seen above will get it to expand:




At this point (as seen above), a click on the last option, "Run Lertap (with Excel)", should get it going.


Another way to get Lertap 5 rolling is to begin by starting Excel, and then using its standard File / Open options to browse to the Lertap 5.10 folder, and then to the Lertap5.xlsm workbook.