Import a csv file with two rows of data per student

There are times when students (or "candidates") will participate in a test which is administered over two sessions.


This is likely to result in two sets of item responses, one from the first session, and one from the second session.


The ImportCSV2 macro is of use when the responses for the first session are in one Excel row, followed by another row for the same student with her or his responses from the second session.


This macro copies all of the responses from the second session and appends them to the responses from the first session, resulting in a single Excel row with all responses (both sessions); after this the second row is deleted and the next student's responses are processed in the same way.


After doing this for all students, the macro passes control to a close cousin, the ImportCSV macro. The result will be a new Excel workbook with an xlsx extension; the original csv file will be unchanged.




See the "related tidbits" at the bottom of the previous page.


This macro makes a few assumptions -- they're mentioned when the macro starts up. Of these, a crucial one regards the location of the item responses on the first row: there should be nothing to the right of the last item response in the first row. All columns to the right of the last item response on the first row should be empty. This is because the macro will want to append the second row's item responses to the item responses in the first row.