This macro is made to take an IStats report apart.


IStats reports can be very long. There will be one row of item scores for each student, six rows of item summary data, one row of correlations for each item, from two to five rows of summary correlation data, and then one or two bands of data plotting levels of summary statistics. For a test of 60 items, taken by 400 students, the IStats report will have over 500 rows of information. There will be times when it's handier to separate the two IStats sections, that is, to have all the item scores in one worksheet, and all the correlation data in another. IStatsPruner provides the means to do this.


The macro starts up by making sure an IStats report has been created. (If you've forgotten how this is done, it's the "Item scores and correlations" option in the Run menu that creates an IStats report.)


Once it has confirmed the presence of an IStats report, the IStatsPruner macro takes IStats' item scores section and copies it to a new worksheet called IScores; it also copies IStats' item correlations section to another new worksheet called ICorrs. This makes it easier to work with these two distinct sections of information.


What happens if an IStats report doesn't exist? The usual: Excel and Lertap will let the air out of your bicycle tires, run down the battery in your mobile phone, and warm up all of the cold beers you've stashed away in what you thought was the icebox.


(If you don't believe this, start the macro and see what it says. There's no harm in starting it, even if you don't have an IStats report or an icebox full of beers.)