This topic assumes that you've installed a version of Lertap 5 on a computer which is running Excel 2007, Excel 2010, Excel 2013, or Excel 2016. Related background information is presented in other topics in this document: Requirements, How to get Lertap, Installing Lertap 5.10, and How to run it.


Lertap 5, when first installed on a computer running the Windows operating system, will run as the so-called "Mini" version.


The "Mini" version never expires; it has no end date. But it's limited to processing no more than 50 data records. "Mini" may be upgraded to either a perpetual version, or to a standard version (has an expiry date), by purchasing a license from the Lertap e-store.  The perpetual and standard versions will process thousands of test and survey results.


The License menu may be used as a means of starting the process of purchasing a license, but more often it is used by folks who have already obtained a license, and want to activate, or "unlock", their copy of Lertap 5.


The menu format varies a bit depending on the version of Lertap5 installed, but it will look something like this:




Page forward to find out what the various options on the License menu do.