Q: How many macro links can I have in the System worksheet?

A: Ten (10).




Q: Do I have to have 10?

A: No. When the Lertap5.xlsm workbook is opened, it populates the Macs menu by reading down the appropriate lines in the System worksheet, starting at row 101. Lertap stops reading these lines as soon as it encounters an empty cell in the first column, or when it has read information for ten macros. There may be more than 10 macros listed, but all those found after row 110 will not be used. (This correctly implies that the answer to SAQ1 is not exactly correct -- there may be more than 10 links, but only the first 10 are actually used.)




Q: I notice you've left two spaces at the start of each macro name in System worksheet. Why?

A: Just because it makes the System worksheet a little neater. There's no real need for the two spaces.




Q: How can I find out more about using the macros mentioned?

A: Try them. They usually have a little explanation of what they do when they start up. If you have an interest in using Lertap with Angel Learning files, go back a few topics and click on the URL to the paper referenced way at the bottom of the topic, under 'Related titbits'.


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