The manual was printed 1 December 2000.  Numerous changes have been made to Lertap since then, some minor, some quite substantial.  Read about these changes by using the links below.


With the spawning of the Excel 2007 version of Lertap, released mid-2008, a frequently-revised compendium of the updates which apply specifically to the Excel 2007/2010/2013/2016/2019/365 versions has been developed.  It's here:


A lengthy historical record of changes made before the emergence of Excel 2007 is presented in the following topics.


May 2003: added "Lelp" (version change to 5.2)


June 2003: added an item zapper


July 2003: changed item difficulty calculations


August 2003: what you weighted for (other=) (version change to 5.25)


September 2003: to halve and hold forever; Bilog-MG; tetrachorics


October 2003: eigenvalues & SMCs (version change to 5.3)


November 2003: smiles for quintiles!


February 2004: nothing sword-id about this (XCALIBRE support)


April 2004: consolidation (version change to 5.4)


July 2004: record IDs, & formula scores


September 2004: MDO now means: Missing Data Out!


October 2004: enhanced IStats report (version change to 5.4.5)


November 2004: *exc, a new CCs "card" to exclude items


February 2005: three enhancements (EMQs; MDO; quintile options)


May 2005: production mode added (version change to 5.4.6)


July 2005: beat the cheat? (version change to 5.5)


September 2005: histogram charts anyone?


January 2006: beat the cheat 2 (version change to 5.6)


March 2006: more MDO stuff, plus a did-not-see option


April 2006: let us Mac your day (macros R U!) (version change to 5.6.2)


June 2006: a new recoder, and analysis of variance


October 2006: conditional standard errors of measurement now computed (version change to 5.6.3)