Feb 2004

February 2004: nothing sword-id about this:


Support for Bilog-MG users was added in September 2003.  Now we've installed similar assistance for XCALIBRE users. XCALIBRE is an IRT program from ASC, makers of the well-known FastTEST item-archiving and test-generating system.  (For more comments about FastTEST and Lertap, wiggle your mouse, and click here.)


About the same time, your favourite toolbar was enhanced.  Yes.  Part of it now sports Shorts.  Check it out -- there's handy help for users who like to plot their output.


Note inserted August 2007: the Shorts mentioned above have not disappeared from the Excel 2007 version of Lertap, but they've found themselves dispersed.  In particular, the line plotter option referred to is now found under the Basic options section of the Lertap tab.