License holders sometimes wish they could shift their base of operations, getting Lertap to work on another computer without having to purchase another license.  Can do?  Yes.  Certainly.  However, please be advised that the transfer process can take more than a day or two as it involves some email exchanges, and there is a small cost involved (mentioned below).


The "Transfer the license" option involves a brief interactive session which ends up asking you to send an email with important data from your computer.  The text for the email is created by Lertap and copied to your computer's clipboard; all you have to do is open a new email message addressed to with a subject line of "De-activate Lertap", and then paste the clipboard's content into the message area of the email.


Here's an example of the text that will be copied to the clipboard:


To my friends at <> :


I'm sending this message because I want to transfer Lertap 5 to another computer.

Details about my present computer are shown below:


Session ID: 3665117049426

Enviado ID: 8664012428114563

Computer ID: MEGUSTA


XL: nv10.64


My computer's copy of Lertap 5 has been reset to 'Mini' mode.


Please acknowledge receipt of this message as soon possible so that I will

be able to activate Lertap on another computer.


Thank you.


After you've sent your message, Lertap 5 will still be running on your computer, but now it will be a "Mini" version, limited to processing 100 data records.


Upon receipt of your message, we'll acknowledge that you're now okay to install Lertap 5 on another computer, with the right to unlock it (or "activate" it) without again having to pay the full license fee.  Note that Lertap headquarters are located in Western Australia, in the same time zone as Hong Kong.  There's a big time difference between us and the Americas -- be patient -- we will acknowledge your message, just allow a day or two please.


License transfers are done on a cost-recovery basis, there's a small fee involved (as of May 2020 it was USD$24).


Important note: at one point the transfer process will display a code number for you to COPY DOWN to paper. This will be a fairly long code ending in a small letter such as u, v, w, x, y, or z. You should make a note of this code as it's important; should something go wrong with the email message, we are likely to ask you for the code (maybe take a picture or screen snapshot of the code if paper and pencil are not at hand).