This macro creates the WrongUns report. A typical WrongUns list looks like this:




In this example, Jaimi missed only one question, Q22. Decha missed the most questions. Q24 seems to have been hard -- about half the students listed in the report got it wrong.


When there are two or more subtests, results are grouped, as seen here:




When a student has no incorrect answers, 'ok' appears in the list (Dipak got all the Soccer items correct; Irawadi had no problem with the Running items, something we might expect of someone named after a major river; on the not-ok side of the ledger, results suggest that we may not want Anton on our football team).


Note: if a subtest has Wt=0 on its *sub line, it will not be included when this macro goes about its business. To read more about this Wt=0 thing, zero in on the previous topic.


SAQ: What happened to WrongItemList1?


Very good question. Nate Thompson, Assessment Systems Corporation, wrote WrongItemsList1 as a special macro for a Chicago-based Lertap site. They're still using it in the Windy City, and you can use it, too: it's in the Lertap5MacroSetA.xlam file, where it's simply called WrongItemList. It makes some assumptions regarding the nature of Lertap subtests, and may fail if your subtests use complex *col lines in CCs worksheets. For more assistance write: