Exporting data

We'll mention just two common activities for life after Lertap (if that's possible): moving from Lertap to an IRT (item response theory) program such as Bilog MG and Xcalibre, and getting the SPSS package to pick up data from a Lertap workbook. (Note for Iteman 4 users: Iteman 4 uses the same input files as Xcalibre.)


The way to get data from Lertap into a format acceptable to Bilog MG and / or Xcalibre begins with some settings in Lertap's System worksheet:




Change one or both of the no's, circled in red, to yes, save the Lertap5.xlsm workbook, and the next time the "Item scores and correlations" option is taken, new worksheets will be made for one or both of these programs. And note: the format of these new worksheets is such that, with minor alterations, they may also be workable with other programs.


Read more about Lertap and Bilog MG here, and about Xcalibre here.


SPSS is discussed in a later topic.