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New users please read this section:


New users start by downloading the free "Mini" version of Lertap. It will work on both Windows and Macintosh computers running Microsoft's Excel spreadsheet app. Click here to visit the downloads link.


The free Mini version will meet the needs of quite a number of users. It includes all of Lertap5's features and options, and allows for any number of test or survey items to be processed -- its limitation is that it will not process more than 250 data records. A license is only necessary when users want to process more than 250 records.


A license may be requested by using this page.


Links to selected Lertap resources are listed below.



The main Lertap website. Extensive information about Lertap5 with a variety of links to related resources, such as sample datasets, support documents (including the manual), references, testimonials, exercises for test and measurement classes, and some boring videos.


The Lertap help site. A supplement to the manual and a primary resource for users.


The "EULA", end-user license agreement for Lertap5.


Please direct questions or comments to: lertap5@gmail.com

Last update: 14 January 2023