When you installed Lertap, several files were set up on your computer.


One of them is the Lertap5MacroSetA.xlam file. This file has some special-purpose 'macros', little collections of computer code designed to meet special needs. Read all about this with a clickity-click here.


There's a fair chance your copy of the Lertap5MacroSetA.xlam file has our 'ChartChanger1' macro in it. If it does, when you follow the instructions found in the clickity-click link above, you will see ChartChanger1 listed as an available macro. If it doesn't, write to us at larry@lertap.com and complain -- we'll send out the right version of the file (it's free).


The ChartChanger1 macro operates in this way: you make changes to the first chart seen on a worksheet, such as Ibreaks, and then run ChartChanger1. Bingo! All other charts on the worksheet are changed so that they match the type and style of the first chart.


How to change the first chart? Select it by clicking on it. Then use Excel's Chart Tools, a suite of options which lets you change the design, layout, and format of a chart.