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Automatic, or manual

The manual for Lertap 5 was printed at Curtin University in 2000, and has not been updated (ever).  It exists in both electronic and printed forms.

The fact that the manual has never been updated means that the revisions made to Lertap 5 since the year 2000 are not mentioned in the manual. Have there been many revisions? You bet (!) Just refer to Lelp (Lertap help) when you'd like to read about them.

Everyone who downloads Lertap from the ASC website will find that a complete copy of the manual is included as a pdf file.

What's that? You'd like another free copy of the manual? No worries. Get it with a click here (leads to a pdf file, Lertap5UserManual.pdf, about 2MB in size).

The printed form of the manual is sold by Assessment Systems Corporation, ASC, in the United States (a link to their website is above; cost is about $40 plus shipping).

The manual is meant to address two user needs: (1) to show how to get started with Lertap, and (2), to help interpret the reports which Lertap loves to produce.

The manual remains the best source, without any doubt whatsoever, for reading about how to interpret Lertap output.

As to reading about how to get started with Lertap: there's the manual, as just mentioned; there's the website at Curtin University (what you're looking at right now); there's “Lelp”, the Lertap help system; and, for convenience, there are links to four of the six getting-started chapters from the manual right here, immediately below, plus a bonus: a link to Chapter 7 (one of the most popular chapters, as voted by readers).

Chapter 1: Lertap comes alive as version 5.
  Word document (doc). About 400 KB.



Chapter 2: A cook's tour of Lertap.
  Web document (html): will open in a new browser window.



Chapter 3: Setting up a new data sheet.
  Word document (doc). About 420 KB.



Chapter 4: An overview of Lertap 5 control cards.
  Word document (doc). About 100 KB.



Chapter 7: Interpreting Lertap results for cognitive tests.
  PDF document. About 300 KB.



Chapters 5 and 6 of the manual have more to do with formatting Lertap control cards (the lines seen in Lertap's "CCs" worksheet). These two chapters are of course good ones (best sellers in our house), but it would probably be true that the discussion of control cards in Lelp is more thorough. So it is that we refer you to the "CCs details" topic in Lelp when you want to know more about the control cards introduced in Chapter 4 of the manual.

Chapters 7 through 10 of the manual have everything to do with discussing how to interpret the results output by Lertap. These chapters have numerous references to the literature, and at times have somewhat of a technical slant. You say you'd like to see these chapters? Well, Chapter 7 is available by itself (see above), the others are in the manual—above we mention how to get the manual.

Note: a copy of the electronic form of the manual is always included in the Lertap download files from ASC.  If you have, for example, downloaded the "30-day Trial Copy for Windows" file, a copy of the manual will be installed on your computer when you run the exe program found within the downloaded file.  For Macintosh users, the manual is found as a pdf document within the Zip file which we send out.  (So, before you think about downloading the manual, maybe check to see if it might not already be lurking on your computer. The complete file name is "Lertap5UserManual.pdf".)

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