This option copies a designated column in the Data worksheet to the Scores worksheet.


The columns of the Scores worksheet may contain only numeric data.  Before Lertap will copy a column from the Data sheet to Scores, it makes sure only numbers are found in the column to be copied.


Why will users want to copy columns from Data to Scores?  There are a few reasons.


One of the most common reasons is to correlate the values found in a Data column with the values found in a Scores column.  For example, the Data worksheet may have a column with SAT test scores; these are to be correlated and scatterplotted with the test scores produced by Elmillon, as found in the Scores worksheet.  Copying the respective Data column to the Scores worksheet will automatically correlate the Data column's scores with the other scores made by Elmillon, and open the door to use of the Scatterplot icon on Lertap's toolbar.


Users wanting to carry out external criterion analyses sometimes have entered the criterion scores in one of the columns on the Data worksheet.  These scores must be moved over to the Scores worksheet before they may be used as an external criterion.


When a Data column is copied to the Scores worksheet, Lertap doesn't know what to put in the MinPos and MaxPos cells after it has been copied.  It writes "Unknown" in these cells, leaving it to users to put in proper values.  (MinPos and MaxPos values are required by some of Lertap's routines, such as the external criterion routine; if Lertap requires these values, it will ask for them.)