ElmillonOption1 Elmillon is the name of Lertap's main item analysis routine, first developed for the Venezuelan Ministry of Education. The name has origins in the Spanish language: "un millon", or, in English, "thanks a million", is what the chief of the data analysis section, Rogelio Blanco, said when the routine was debugged and delivered. The name Elmillon has been used since then.


Elmillon is always run after the InterpretOption1 option has been taken.  Elmillon reads data, makes subtest and scale scores (written to the Scores worksheet), and goes on to produce from one to three item analysis reports. The item analysis reports are Excel worksheets, having names like Stats1f, Stats1b, and Stats1ul.


Once Elmillon has been run, it will be reluctant to perform again until the workbook's secondary worksheets have been deleted. This isn't as difficult as it may sound: selecting InterpretOption1 will delete them.


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The discussion above relates to running Elmillon when the user run mode is set to "normal". Its behavior is somewhat different when user run mode is set to "Elmillon direct"; in this mode the secondary worksheets referred to above will not necessarily be deleted. Please refer to this topic.


Read more about making sense of Elmillon's various reports in the manual.