The response plots displayed on the previous page use a chart type that's referred to in Excel as a "line" chart.


Versions of Lertap5 dated 26 August 2019 or later use "clustered columns" charts as their default chart type.


The two graphic images below display response patterns for item "i37" from a multiple-choice exam, "Exam1", used as an example in a text by Meyer (2014).  Results from this exam are also discussed in this paper (page 15 or thereabout).


  i37 ?Al ?w ?7% ?11% ?9% ?13% ?Other ?5% ?3% ?3% ?22% ?50% ?F, Sig eta ?76 ?1659 ?3338 ?166. og ?Other ?mean ?0.49 ?0.71 ?0.45 ?s.d. ? ?0.45 ?0.50 ?0.06 ?i37 




Of these two charts, the first (top) is referred to in Excel as a "line" chart, while the second (bottom) is called a "clustered columns" chart.


The default chart type used by Lertap5 is set in Row 56 of the System worksheet --please refer to this topic.


The next topic mentions another way to get Excel change its chart type.