Installing Lertap 5.10

Note 1: this topic is only for those using the former Windows Lertap5 installer program. The text below does not apply if users have download the file mentioned in the previous topic. The installer program is now outdated; its use is no longer recommended.


A recommended PDF document with a step-by-step summary of the installation and licensing process may be downloaded here.


Note 2: the installer program only works on Windows computers and will install a version, 5.10.9, which is now slightly outdated (as of June 2021). An updates summary is here.


When a Lertap5 installer program runs, it seats Lertap5's Excel files, such as Lertap5.xlsm, and a small collection of support documents, on your computer. The installer also sets up a Windows startup folder with "shortcuts" to Lertap 5's various files -- these shortcuts may then be found via the Windows start button, or, in the case of Windows 8 and 10, from what is called the "start screen".


On a Windows computer, the default folder for the installation will usually be the user's Documents folder. However, if the installation is made on a computer with multiple accounts, that is, on a computer with more than one user, each with a unique username and password, then someone with administrator rights on the computer should take charge of the installation, and see to it that the Public Documents folder is used. Once Lertap 5 is installed in Public Documents, each user may, if wanted, then copy it to his / her folder of choice -- the advantage to doing this is that it makes it possible for each user to have unique settings for Lertap 5 in the System worksheet.


Care must be taken to see that Lertap5 is not installed in one of the special Windows folders, such as Program Files. This is because Lertap 5 will often write temporary scratch files for its own internal needs; folders like Program Files generally have restricted access and do not take kindly to temporary scratch files.


Please refer to this document for more comments on installing Lertap5 on a multiple-user computer.


Once it's installed, Lertap 5 will be configured as what's called a "Mini" system. This is a full-blown version of Lertap5 when it comes to functionality: all of Lertap 5's features will be present and usable. However, the Mini version will process a maximum of 250 cases, or data records. You may have hundreds or thousands of data records ready to analyze, but, unless the Mini version is upgraded as described in the next paragraph, only the first 250 records will be looked at by Lertap5.


Upgrading the Mini version so that it will process more than 250 records requires a license. These are purchased from the Lertap e-store. Once a license has been obtained, Lertap 5 is activated, or "unlocked", by following steps provided in this document's License menu section.