The installer package for the Excel 2010/2013/2016 versions of Lertap 5 includes a special workbook template called "EDT0.xls". You will be able to find it in the folder where the main Lertap 5 files are (Lertap5.xlsm, Lertap5MacroSetA.xlam, and LertapRibbon.xlam).  This folder is usually located under a user's standard "Documents" folder and will often have a name similar to "Lertap". This topic has a snapshot of the partial contents of such a folder.


The EDT0.xls template makes an attempt to be self-documenting. Open it and have a look. To understand it more completely, a visit to this webpage might be helpful. EDT stands for "Exam Developer Template".


The purpose of the ExamDeveloper1 macro is to copy the many statistics found in Lertap 5's "reports" over to a new workbook based on the EDT0.xls template. The macro assumes that you're looking at a Stats_f report for a cognitive subtest before the macro is opened via the Macs Menu.


Suppose, for example, that the M.Nursing.xlsx workbook has been opened, and that the Interpret and Elmillon options have been run, resulting in new worksheets called "Stats1f", "Stats1b", and "Stats1ul".


Suppose that we're looking at the Stats1f sheet, and that we then open the Macs Menu and select "ExamDeveloper1".


The macro will make a new workbook called ED_M.Nursing.xlsx, a workbook based entirely on the EDT0.xls template.


Try it and see for yourself. Before doing so, make sure that ExamDeveloper1 is showing as one of the "top ten" macros by following these instructions. Assuming that you have indeed downloaded a copy of the M.Nursing dataset, and have used Interpret and Elmillon so that a Stats1f worksheet is available, you may expect to have the ExamDeveloper1 macro make the just-mentioned ED_M.Nursing.xlsx workbook. Open it and have a look -- it's ready for use with Pearson's Exam Developer system.


The EDT0.xls template is designed for use with cognitive test items having no more than six options {A B C D E F}. To use it with items using other options, such as {1 2 3 4 5}, write to and ask for assistance.


Also see: the PearsonVUE topic.